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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 23, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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trip to the richmond bridge is also backed up this morning and also a wind advisory.
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second suspect was shot. the third suspect already died at the scene after being shot. when a crew in santa rosa right now will have an updated since to get more information. : reporter: at least three crashes the had the food truck vendor was in the middle of all of this mining his own business. he was on the sidewalk look at this busy road behind me. he was actually going north on the direction of those headlights on saturday afternoon. that is south white drive were born to show you the video he is going north bound at 145 in the afternoon. eagle's head on into another car those people in that car injured
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but not life-threatening. he does not stop there he keeps going and then leaves the roadway slams into a truck near couple of food vendors on the side of the road. two people rushed to the hospital in the 40 year-old victim died on sunday afternoon. >>: reporter: he does not stop there he keeps going turns on a side road and then slams into a couple park cars that's when he was stopped and was arrested. this morning whether chancellor track the friends bound for the vendors. >>: a couple ties lesson in the kids playing in the inside. he was a nice man he had a lot of friends. >>: reporter: that man claimed that the victim has three kids and let's show you the mug shot of the 25 year-old driver. it is in
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jail been charged with manslaughter and felony hit- and-run and felony deal by. --dui.. you can see the skid marks the lead the throw went on to the sidewalk. i have the name of the 40 year-old man in fact i confirmed with the man that we just heard from. or still waiting to hear from the police department to get confirmation from them.
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all. --chase a dog all we know is the woman was killed as an early to mid '50's. the other woman entered as an earth '30's.
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little pullback today it's at 18,035. we will be right back as the
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at the pump are over.
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storms rolling through. where filling them in the bay area in the form of flight cancellations. is 13 flight to lead with 19 cancelled. the above weather going on in the north east in fact we change perspectives here and look at the travel forecasts. it's 19 degrees in minneapolis nine in chicago. all these locations are below freezing for the day to day.
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montana and rose peak part showing 38 to 32 mi. an hour gusts. a live look year after win spilled shows fairfield at 2617 at concord in the winds are coming at us for the adults appear yet in this is through the cortines straight in the choir sang some were strong this winter rung there. there's a when the advisory in effect of these areas and below our target it. there's gust up to 50 mi. per hour.
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and san jose. but generally for 6264 degrees and that includes san francisco.
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livermore in dublin. the corridor commute is not that the wind advisory is still for the of the mob pass. the soft a freeways are starting to pick up congestion.
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is underway this morning at the scene of a fire that burned three buildings over the weekend. first we of the video rolling to show you caught that fire was. flames were shooting from the building and knocked it down. this is and san for cisco's castro neighborhood. this is the 50th and church street the firefighters have about a dozen people that at estimated damage about one-and-a-half million dollars. one firefighter had a minor a jobs exhaustion and was treated. >>: i was sitting in front of my building and i heard what sounded like an explosion in the flames and the smoke. i had burns on my skin create an
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back down to the upper forties to low 50s.
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mall is safe. they also listed another potential target in alberta canada and the mall says as well that they believe that there's location is safe.
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cookies and this man took their cash box. there were outside the safeway and san jose selling cookies the police quickly tracked down after spotting his car in the car they found the girl scouts cashbox and they returned it to those out troops.
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>>: reporter: trending and social media and to utter a lot of folks getting into a range over the comments on the oscars last night. the actress who won the oscar for acting at a supporting role burned a lot of praise for fending speech during the workshop. her follow-up had a lot of people upset.
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>>: reporter: so let's take a look at the graphics to show you what she said afterwards. the speech itself had people ok with that but they were upset with the graphics. it's time for all women in america and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of color to fall for-- fought for one person trading that they ruin the next moment with fighting against one with the justice does not excuse blindness to others. a lot of people are going to twitter in being upset with the actors. tell us what you think on kron for news. you can also watch the speech on our web site.
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road against good gains. it shows how valuable the pd for the team.
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ankle but you're messing with their heart that is a whole different thing. his history is is that had car problems.
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talk a little bit in here this and hear that.
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to each other.
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off balance this is my weight 3 05.
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the bad of an actress like melanie griffin get caught on the red carpet in a flat out say melanie did you watch the movie. they basically have a cat fight on the red carpet.
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run the splendid forecasts.
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with the morning hours clear and windy. temperatures and the upper forties to low 50s. this afternoon will be sunday will bound to the winds a little bit prepared as we had to back this evening it's clear and cool. today the wind is quite to be the main seen as the headline goes forward.
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this time. even though one of the suspect has died. they say that the homeowner fired his gun in self- defense. it's about one in the morning at this room location plane near highway 12 where armed men tried to force their way into the room and that's when the gunshots were fired.
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jail this morning for philip killing a food truck vendor fleeing the scene. >>: reporter: who is a 40 year-old man is been here quite some time then the sun this morning because it last night there were only seen flowers in the to see the candles and flowers this morning. as expected to grow bigger as they realize what happened over the weekend. will show you the video that the guy over the weekend had. this is and saturday at 150 in the afternoon. >>: reporter: gets into a head on collision with another car but does not stop there. he should have stopped right there he keeps going years of the roadway and a little bit down the road with a hat or a collision. he gets done to
8:06 am
the spied what he slams into to food vendors next to their truck to people rushed to hospital and a 40 year- old man died yesterday afternoon. >>: reporter: we were out here we get a chance to check their family and friends here's what they had to say about his death. >>: reporter: here's a picture of the manned 25 year-old marco to mollet he's been charged with manslaughter felony hit-and- run, and he was drinking and driving at the time. he's in jail this morning court want to show you how bad this
8:07 am
seen as. we seen the first access on the road and then he comes down here and loses control of the park. it's a the skid marks at this location so the food vendors to write here. he rents them over keeps going. >>: reporter: still ahead here on the kron 4 morning news police arresting and south a man who said they stole from a girl scout troop that was selling cookies outside of a grocery store. will tell you what he was
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and showing you this area that we've seen some of our strong discuss. is coming with the 61 our guest this morning. that's a pretty impressive shot. 45 of 46 smaller norge us this morning. roast he has 32 mi. an hour at gust. whenever win advisory in effect for all the areas in blue. the diablo range is just east of santo say. the coastal range and some of the inland hills through the wine country. we will see sustained winds for 13 to 50 mi. an hour.
8:16 am
50s for some spots in most locations are still on the low 50s. the sun is up and will start to see it do its thing. the skies will stay clear as the sierra and celebrate our view. warm up to about 64 a san jose that will be the same temperature expected server system.
8:17 am
been not too bad of a commute for north on interstate 280 but all that could change now. several vehicles will be reported involved in this incident and is likely the blocking the land of traffic.
8:18 am
is all about birdman our media partner by size tv has a wrap of the big night.
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>>: reporter: take a look at this here. she looks great and that the the person that was just ok 6000 pearls. people say that they did with lady got up. they look like dishwashing glass. i'm not a big fan of that. she also met the best dressed list. and for more oscar moments including the speeches and the more red carpet photos go to our web site the we have recovered over the academy award.
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life. according to the police around 1239 this marin the received a call from a homeowner saying that they were on demand for attempting to break into the front door. >>: reporter: about an hour later a deputy spotted the suspect vehicle at the hospital. but the suspect refused exit the vehicle. after a lengthy standoff the deputies from the sheriff's office deployed gas into the suspect's vehicle the suspects eventually exited the vehicle the one subject had critical burned shamans
8:31 am
and the other one was the deceased in the backseat of the vehicle. >>: reporter: police believe that the suspect may have been after marijuana but that was found inside the home. when all homeowners not been charged.
8:32 am
8:33 am
evening as he said that it will be clear and cool temperatures. dropping back down to the low 50s upper '40's. brace yourself for a win this morning in the cold temperatures to more morning.
8:34 am
minutes from the capitol expressway to the mind of the expressway. the big board is still has a big backup and to the mcarthur maze from 24 with the 30 + minutes. the salmon to your bridge as a when the advisory in place was so traffic as well. there were so right now for the golden gate bridge ride.
8:35 am
called for a tackle and shopping malls. the car was released in the video. the group owns about is behind the threat.
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the homicide has happened over a short period of time.
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: reporter: during someone answers. and now someone what a high-tech spin in the front door fixture. as a video and security into one. this is not the beginning of a joke division of the future. remember reporter: is the ceo of the brain. a $20 why fight doorbell has a built-
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scores and if they do their albertville of them doing that carrier if one learn more about this vote for web site. \
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the advisory is cancel that the bay bridge but it's still backed up right to the edge of the mcarthur maze the trip to the golden gate bridge is still quite heavy is the peak of the commute south on the richmond bridge right is still an effect with the wind advisory.
8:49 am
valley with upwards of 60 mi. per hour. it's in the mid-40s in terms of the wind gusts. as it and see the upper 30's here from montana and roast peak in the diablo range
8:50 am
60's for oakland. and if you live on the peninsula it does not matter if you're on the coast or the bayside you will be right there in 6263 degrees with sunny skies. those clear skies by tomorrow morning will be very cold temperatures it's right near freezing.
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rescued the truck was carrying $89,000 of gas.
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spare ride as well. interstate 280 at sandhill road in the southbound direction is reported an accident. were getting reports of slow going into palo alto. and tracking year right here and backing it up just a bit.
9:02 am
rich members is still up under a wind advisory and still sluggish from castro street as the head west on 580 coming out of richmond.
9:03 am
>>: reporter: about an hour later they cited the spa's suspects' vehicle here and they refuse to exit the vehicle. after a lengthy standoff the deputies and deployed gas into the suspect's vehicle. the suspects and eventually exited the vehicle once the object had gunshot wounds and another with located deceased in the backseat of the vehicle. the driver was taken into custody and he's currently being interviewed to determine his involvement in the crime. >>: reporter: they believe that they were after the
9:04 am
marijuana that was found inside of the long the home owner is now not being charged with a crime. >: reporter: let's show you
9:05 am
the video that actually happened at 140 in the afternoon on friday. -- saturday. before slamming into francis) says they had a self what drive he actually gets into a head-on collision with another car. it does not stop and goes to a short distance and slams into the vendors. he ultimately ends into a couple park cars. we had a chance to track down the customers of his return to france a couple of years ago. here's what woman had to say about the man. >>: reporter: unfortunately
9:06 am
is kids were not with him at the time and the oldest child was 10 years old. the reason why the child was not with him in the other kids because they're and mexico vacationing at this time. will show you the picture of the suspect he's 25 year-old marco jamal lay accused of drinking and driving at the time. also in charge of manslaughter drunken- driving and felony and run. if you come back alive you concede that this is his picture and the reason why i put my hand over it is because his name and phone number is over it. >>: reporter: his kids right now don't even know about their father's death. they're running for them to work out arrangements so they come back to the u.s..
9:07 am
9:08 am
carrying $89,000 of gas. he concedes that is a very active fire going on as the area there. the roadway is closed to traffic right now. we will be right bacteria
9:09 am
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9:11 am
9:12 am
their deaths but it does not directly claim that they were killed.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
tracking year ride to the papers backed up into the maze but the drive times are around 21 to 22 minutes. they've also cancelled the wind advisory at the san mateo bridge but they have not cancelled the slow traffic.
9:17 am
look at the sustained winds the 23 mi. an hour winds are 21 and vallejo. this is where it's coming from and filtering through out the bait. now diablo is a 60 mi. per hour. you get the idea is been a flustering situation here all morning long
9:18 am
9:19 am
about 1015 years ago when the stock fell. >>: they say facebook scare's us. is the only company that does because to give them your phone number your marriage status your pictures of your vacation they give all of that. you're in, your age your birthday. their advertisers. google cannot pull that off pre there's no week for the outage but it's interesting to know when you and the company it would have been dramatic. >>: retailers in the industry produces it will take months to get back on line. also back in 2002 the
9:20 am
last port shutdown. it only lasted a couple of days it last a couple months for the status as became a bigger problem. passing the next big problem as you can see it will be a while before they get back on line. there's more stuff being shipped here as well. that a lot of infrastructures. going to our question when it should i take social security? should i take early or get it right away? if you weigh when you get more money down the road? >>: if you're 60 years old who do not want to take early want to wait to 66 when you get your benefits. if you wait till 70 you get 8 percent more per year. i taken at 66 as a thousand dollars a month libor fleeing. depends on how much to put into the system if you take early it's only 62 1/2 yoli aceves under $50 a
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was wearing last night? it is very similar with the neckline. without the revealing, out there. nobody shined on the carpet more than my co-worker over here. one of the best dress. let's get the bourbon. the big winner. it's for oscars with all hundred. and nobody was rooting for all under more than michael keebler. it's a actor bid but he was really excited for the red carpet. >>: definitely caught on. it was really a symbol of the night. patrick harris had that great moment.
9:26 am
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
9:32 am
high street bridge.
9:33 am
concerned because the terror group has called for attacks on the shopping malls. as andrew spencer reports there is not specific threats that are credible right now but officials are taking this seriously. >>: the attack on the upscale malt more than 60 people dead in 2013. the video service over the weekend the mass man suggested a terrorist group as for aspirations outside where they operate. some shoppers at the mall of america have bought its express concern about the potential attack. they did not let that affect them. officials say that there is extra security. the rtc controls by the police department which describes the mall of america. also bob list of other potential targets as well.
9:34 am
>>: the police say this is also very safe. even though they say there's no specific or credible evidence that the attack is being planned.
9:35 am
9:36 am
stopped and started accelerating and reverse ramming the patrol car at the officers were getting out. they started firing at him they had to multiple times.
9:37 am
apartment building. business owners are still trying to pick up the pieces. 40 people lost their homes 36 businesses has also been forced out because of the fire. one woman says that she lost nearly $15,000 worth of our work. : the nubile movie written by eric so can it is of filling out in the bay area and they are looking for extras. if you want to be in
9:38 am
this movie stay tuned and social you out.
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you're getting gasoline expect to look for the average gallon is to 87 in oakland settles a to 88 in stamford cisco $2.95. >>: the pull back today as we have the stamp and the sales in january. it'sboutetti to t finh line. lif it'how u ge ere at mtersost. like when founout had bld cl in leg my docr sa at icoultrav to lungs d beme aevenbigg proem. so he lkedo meboutxalto. xareo®s thfirsoral prcripon bod tnner proveno trt anhelpreve dvt d pe thatoesn reqre relar ood nitong o chans toour et. r a ior t i ok wfari whicrequed rtinelood teing d diary striions t th tim whili wataki relt®, stilhad stop ring,ut iidn' haveo de witthat ood nitong rtine
9:43 am
>>don't op ting relt®, varoban, unle youdoct tellyou . while tang xelto, yo may uiseore silynd it m taklong for eedi to op. xareo®ay ireasyour sk obleeng iyou ke certn mecine xareo®an cse sious eedi, anin re cases, y beatal get he rig awaif y devep unpect bleeding, unusl brsingor tiling if y havhad inal esthia wle o xarelto®watcfor ck pa or y nee oruscl relad sis orympts. do n takxareo®f yo ha an tifial hrt vve or aormableeng. tell yr door bore l plned dica denl predur. befo staing relt® ll yr door aut a conditio sucas kney, ver,r bldingrobls. xarelt® iprov to ducehe rk of dvt and , wi no gula bloomoniringnd nonown diery rtricons. treatment th xelto washe righmoveor m k yo docr abouxareo®oday (cluing isesevyone wantso bethe cadby bunny
9:44 am
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9:46 am
showing us the sustained winds. strong as winds art and of vallejo. this will stay with us through most of the day. the temperatures right now are in the mid- 50s. 52 and sandals a. and 55 across the north bay. were well under way to seeing 55.
9:47 am
anyway. the weather is set for the weekend.
9:48 am
what side.
9:49 am
contender will show you how. >>: if you or someone you know looks like that actors set stop what you're doing and enter this there looking for a local who can be a stand in double for sets when they're shooting here on location in the bay area. suffragan display the co- founder of apple. the move is also looking for hundreds of extras to feel the various scenes of the film. he stay next to michael 5 vendor who was claimed the jock. you might recognize him from the x-men movie. >>: there's a lot of buzz about patrols for jobs. many
9:50 am
in the movie industry are expected this new one will be considered the biopic. it's based on a biography by walter iverson. it's written by the oscar winner. a few good men money ball in the tv show west wing. it's been directed by danny buell. >>: they have some heavy hitters on this production. there's a lot of buzz about this movie is his the gators this fall october 9th. you can apply to the extra in the soviet kron 4 dot com.
9:51 am
thompson did score 39 for the warriors and andre with the balance of 14. that's their 10th loss of the season.
9:52 am
cities around and tell me up. here is the bus it's making its first trip on you today. this loss will then be displayed. the time now is 951 we will be back with more nikopol of minutes trippet
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>>: l.a. street artist hide his id because a legal nature of his work suggests in stance to the world
9:56 am
hollywood specially knows this all too well. his team plays the of pocket as if not provocative life-size sculptures on hollywood boulevard were got second glances and host open eyes with the crew to get down of the not so pleased passes by starting to call them commerce. the artist also macadam your response late last year to 20 had a foot caught talked fiction of the oscar standing up. >>: is under growing work and his monster is about the senior phase is they can be.
9:57 am
the happiest place on earth just got a little more expensive. just a few bucks more when they're caught talking close to 100.
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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." she published a book. >> dr. phil: you said this is about your family. >> it's based on us yes. >> announcer: by her family's calling her out. >> you're absolutely out of your mind. >> i think my brother has some mental illness going on here. >> announcer: what has she written. >> dr. phil: your mother fed cat meat to your father? >> announcer: that has them so upset. >> dr. phil: satanic rituals are going on. >> you're a liar. >> now that my sister has gone public with the story, i have panic attacks. people leak at me like i'm a freak. >> i should pretend my sister doesn't exist. >> dr. phil: she does exist. >> not in my world. >> dr. p


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